The Current Volume:  Christ-A-Must  Volume 1.

The Current Track List: 

  1. December 25TH
  2. Decorate Me
  3. Wanna Experience YOU
  4. YOU Love Good (Reciprocate)
  5. YOU Never Fall Thru
  6. YOU Are The KING
  7. NO TOY

The Current Artist(s):   A.K.A The Collective

Anthony Burgess is a powerful Tenor vocalist who is a conduit of leading others in worship. He will be releasing a solo EP in 2018.

Kendra Lee is an phenomenal Alto vocalist with astonishing range as she leads believers in worship.  She too has a solo EP releasing in 2018.

Antha REdNOTE is an energized Tenor vocalist & Christian Rapper who exclusively does Christian Worship music. He currently has several full length and single releases.