The Current Volume:  Christ-A-Must  Volume 1.

The Current Track List: 

  1. December 25TH
  2. Decorate Me
  3. Wanna Experience YOU
  4. YOU Love Good (Reciprocate)
  5. YOU Never Fall Thru
  6. YOU Are The KING
  7. NO TOY

The Current Artist(s):   A.K.A The Collective

Anthony Burgess is a powerful Tenor vocalist who is a conduit of leading others in worship. He will be releasing a solo EP in 2018.

Kendra Lee is an phenomenal Alto vocalist with astonishing range as she leads believers in worship.  She too has a solo EP releasing in 2018.

Antha REdNOTE is an energized Tenor vocalist & Christian Rapper who exclusively does Christian Worship music. He currently has several full length and single releases.



The famous Jackson 5 Christmas song “Give Love On Christmas Day” can be quoted with one of it’s lyrics saying “…It’s that ONCE of year when the world’s sincere”

Well…For the Christian this ought not be the mantra nor mindset.

Christ-A-Must is a Faith-Based musical project boldly dedicated to encouraging, enriching, and edifying the listeners to live life to the fullest like…

-Thank You For Your Purchase and Support